Vedat OZLU

Hi there. This is Vedat OZLU. I was born in Mersin – a city of Turkey –  in 1996. My first encounter with the programming world was in 2013 when I was in high school. Because my department in high school was database programming, crawling in the programming world was not a big deal at first. I had experienced teachers. In 2015, I started a university called Selcuk in Konya which is another city in Turkey. My department was computer engineering. Of course I kept on for the same purpose to become professional. I spent 5 years in that university to learn more about this world. In 2020, I was hired in a software company as a mobile developer as soon as I graduated.

I am developing native ios apps based on swift. I also have experience with android development based on java as well. But ios development is my main profession.  I like to read articles about new features of ios development and tamper with github codes in my free time. I like challenges to do something new, something hard.

I also have a youtube channel called Programmer Ship. I like to share my knowledge with the other developers.

Besides those, I like to play ping pong with my friends. Walking in the woods is another hobby of mine. I like to feel the nature. If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact me.